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  • 31.08.2018 11:20 - Just a heads-up in Mafia City H5
von duduxianzi in Kategorie Allgemein.

Time has come where city mafia people start to question again on whether or not I've been ran over by a bus, and rightfully so of course when it has been quiet for a while. But fear not, the months of silence are just what it is: silence.

I just wanted to give a small heads up to let everyone know what's cooking.

Admittedly, last 9 months haven't been too productive on this mod. This is mostly due to private reasons. Chances are progression will not speed up a whole lot for some time to come. But nonetheless, progression is being made.

So where is it? Well, so far there's not a whole lot worthy of showing. Partly because I wish some models to remain hidden until they are finished, and because there has been a lot of work done on the technical aspect, which is all just a bunch of Mafiascript. For example, we got the save mechanism working, which is crucial in a multi-mission storyline and allows me to use only one scene for the majority of the missions. Otherwise I'd have to create about 20 separate scene files, which would all need to be modified separately if I wanted to fix one thing.

There is some cool stuff in the making modelling wise. A large part of it is being made by Patrik, my fellow modeller whom you all haven't heard about for a while. And it has a good reason why. I'm having a hard time not being able to share it yet as I'm quite exited for it.

So, my apologies for the silence. Just so you know, the mod isn't dead. Like in the past years, this mod knows it's peaks of frequent progression and it's moments of quietness.

For more information about Mafia city, Please visit its official site:

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