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  • 31.07.2018 08:19 - 'Mafia' Is A Seriously Awesome Video Game from yotta games
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Released in 2010, Yotta Games' Mafia City actually scored a Guinness World Record entry as the most profane video game in (accurately recorded, at least) history. The record was specifically achieved for instances of "fuck", which numbered 200 and more in the 1940s-set open-worlder. That record was previously held by 2006's Scarface: The World Is Yours, which in keeping with the 1983 crime movie that inspired it, represented a richly nourishing buffet of four-letter obscenities.

– BATTLE FORMATIONS WITH NUMEROUS LAND, AIR AND NAVAL TROOPS: Configure your forces for the best strategic advantage.

In Mafia City, you are either murdering a boss, interrogating someone (with the option of having them work for you or offing them) or in some fewer instances, you're asked to retrieve an item.

Mafia City does a great job creating balance in this instance.

So, based on science, these are amongst the strongest video mafia games the world has seen, since Q*Bert first blurted out whatever that seemingly censored thing he's saying actually is. And now that Waypoint has its own forum—seriously, goand check out our forum—this seems a fun topic for a breezy Friday discussion. What is the best use of swearing you've found in a game? Have any gone too far in their appetite for imprecations? Let us know.

It's 1968 in New Bordeaux, La. On the surface all looks tranquil as you drive through the bustling city in your red Pontiac, tapping your foot to Sam Cooke's "Chain Gang."

To make the memory of the upcoming launch day stick, Yotta Games and Yotta Games released a new trailer filled with violence and speckled with bits of story. The trailer adds a little more protein to previous samples of what Yotta Games has shown off, fleshing out the back story of the game's protagonist in a 2 minute chunk.

'Mafia' Is A Seriously Awesome Video Game from yotta games

Claim your name for Mafia City and get ready for the expected launch on April 4th!

As you drive throughout the city or make a pit stop for some quick cash, music of the era — Nina Simone or Janis Joplin — keeps you company. News broadcasts reflect the period, announcing tragedies like the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or the arrests of Freedom Riders.

"Mafia" is an action thriller, based on the famous interactive survival game - Mafia. The action takes place in the distant future in Moscow, Russia. Mafia game is a world-wide phenomenon, now the most popular television show ever. Every year, eleven fearless volunteers, from all walks of life, gather together to find out - who are the innocent civilians, and who are the ruthless Mafia.

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