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GETTY INSULTED: Bill Gates wasn't a fan of the Madden NFL 18 Coins Xbox initially This follows news yesturday that ex-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates went absolutely spare and felt "insulted" when first shown the Xbox console.Xbox co-creator Ed Fries recently shared his half of the story of the "Valentine's Day Massacre," which Fries describes as the name for an very important meeting where the fate of Xbox was decided between himself, his colleagues,

Bill Gates andSteve Ballmer."So we go into the MUT 18 Coins meeting and four o'clock Valentine's Day," explained Fries, "Bill walks in he's holding a Powerpoint deck and yells, 'This is the blanking insult to everything I've done at this company' and that was the start."To see what followed, simply follow this link:Window creator Bill Gates felt 'Insulted' by Xbox Pitch, claims co-Focus Home Interactive A cool looking role-play game set on Mars.

What could go wrong?A lot, it turns out.Because the Technomancer is a bit of a disaster.The concept is there. Alien worlds, cyberpunk imagery, hybrid creatures to battle and rival human factions at every turn.But respected gaming studio Spiders hasn't pulled it off.The game is set on a red planet decimated by terraforming.You play a Technomancer, a warrior who not only is a master of the staff, blade, gun and shield but can also use energy powers to augment attacks on enemies.

It all looks very Destiny at the beginning, which is a massive compliment.But within an hour or two of playing, you'll find a vast difference between that successful game and this struggling effort.Because while Mars is well realised in this title, I simply didn't care enough about the characters and bland storyline that makes up the Technomancer to want to continue with it long-term. The Technomancer Screenshots The Technomancer is a science fiction-themed action role-playing video game developed by Spiders, who previously developed Mars: War Logs. Both games are set within the same universe and take place on the planet Mars.

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